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Strategic plan development: analysis and evaluation of your business environment, defining new objectives for your organization, revisiting your mission, helping you define a new vision for the future, developing a change plan, implementing and monitoring your action plans, and assessing results.

Teaming Up

Short term intervention, to deal with a special project or a particularly important strategic decision or decision, or to support your management team in the conduct of a special examination, or the preparation of an ad hoc management retreat.


Update on best practices concerning strategic planning, the process as a whole or only specific steps; how to maximize its benefits to you organization, integrate it effectively with other process in place, allow management to be more autonomous and effective.

Independent Network

On top of its own expertise, Vectis developed a network of partnering experts in specific areas complementary to its own: research, communications, coaching, organizational design, process, and governance. We can bring the necessary experts around the table when relevant and required.

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Representative Clients

Strategy formulation is the responsibility of all types of organizations.  We have completed more than 200 mandates for top management teams of large corporations, SMEs, public institutions and NFPOs.

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Vectis Consulting Group

Our Focus

Our focus: your decisions. We aim to help you make the best possible strategic choices.

Our Philosophy

The name Vectis originates from the latin work for leverage. That is how we see our role with you: a lever to maximise your decision-making power and effectiveness.

Our Promise

No nonsense and effective services. We do not aim to boil the ocean, but rather bring you to make the best possible decisions in a timely manner, with the adequate level of information and analysis, in order to quickly move into action.

Working With Us

Collaboration with Vectis can extend over a number of months with a work pace as defined by your needs. Our work can also be concentrated over a very short period of time, for a few consulting days only, to prepare and hold a special management meeting for exemple.

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