Our Approach

A Three-Fold Approach

No nonsense. Simple & Effective.

We work with you to facilitate your decision making. Our approach is simple. It applies as much to a short-term intervention of a few days, as for a long-term project over a number of weeks or months.


Research & Analysis Phase
To set a relevant and precise diagnosis of the key issues.

Evaluating effectively is knowing what questions to ask, what issues to probe, knowing when to stop to ask “why” or « how”, it is effectively exercising one’s critical judgment. It’s getting to the bottom of things that matter, recognizing that one possesses the information necessary to make the best informed decisions.


Strategy Formulation Phase
To decide on best options and action path.

Deciding intelligently means taking a calculated risk, accepting and recognizing that the basic facts, data, consequences and risks are known, understood and considered, that key decision-making biases have been recognized and death with. It’s taking a responsible stance toward achieving a clear vision.

Take action

Implementation Phase
To mandate people, and monitor actions and results.

To take effective actions is first and foremost knowing and defining what is needed to succeed, including individuals capacity to act, to change, to achieve the desired results. It is defining simple and meaningful ways to measure and understand the evolution of an action plan. It means being agile enough to adjust the aim at any time to achieve the desired end.

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