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Presentation Skills 101

You have seen this many a time, a presentation that goes horribly amiss because of an undesirable technical snag. Or maybe have you fell in a deep sleep during one of those 151 slide-long presentations detailing and explaining the ins and outs of ABC gizmo market? And what about those word-filled screens that are so small you can’t even get close to knowing what they are about! So, what is there to do ? To present in front of an audience is a skill. A skill to acquire more than often as it is not a given for most. Such a competence goes beyond the art of talking. It starts with a well planned story and a well organized event ...

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How many Ps in the marketing mix after all?

Does a 6-P marketing mix tell you anything? « Hey, I thought there were only 4 Ps! », you says. Well, what about 7 Ps, or even 9! Or this: the 4 Ps are dead, viva el 4-C marketing mix! The science –or the art as you see it– of marketing management seems to evolve. But in this case, do we really have anything new to bite into? Read on… A Classic Marketing Mix McCarthy, Kotler et al. taught us some five decades ago that the « marketing mix » was composed of 4 Ps. First for PRODUCT decisions, Then for PRICING, PROMOTIONS, and finally, Those that comprise all about PLACE. Who never heard about these when on a school bench ...

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